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Mark Denison (Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology, USA)


still running in the show. You might appreciate this perspective from Germany:


I thinkt deepl is doing good job for translation. TY

Without testing, panic campaign and wrong medication, no excess deaths would have happened. Still sorry for the relatives who lost a loved one to this atrocity.

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I think one will find the plandemic much easier to understand when one accepts that there is and never was any covid! https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/there-is-no-covid


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Hi Charles

Please review the following Design to Fail Links




You will find very useful resources to further assist with future prosecutions

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Oct 22, 2022·edited Oct 22, 2022

Didnt Baric hold the patent on R?

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - A tool to Hijack Medical Research and ALL Designed to fail studies in the US and the UK for HCQ, Ivermectin and EVEN Povidone Iodine have authors within institutions that received significant BMGF funding; Vanderbilt is no exception with over USD$21.5 Million in grants.

Another interesting pointer one of the infamous 15 that have opened the "Gates" to mandate schoolchildren to take the mRNA Child Immune System Molestation (CISM) spawns from Vanderbilt ; Voting Member Helen Keipp Talbot


Anyway for all those that want to Join and put together the Gates Connections

Here's a folder with very interesting files


In it :

1.0 Excel File sorting the BMGF "Grants" and totaling; some but not all of the Major "Influenced Institutions"

Sneak Preview where you can be sure there will spawn authors and medical Journal articles/studies/papers Designed to Fail unpatented Early Treatments for Covid19

and Designed to Pass Neither safe nor Effective Covid19 Vaccines and Patented Medications.

You will also see spawned "Advisory Committee" members in "health" regulators around the globe including CDC, ACIP, FDA,NIH, TGA you name it you'll find it

World Health Organization (WHO) $4,378,409,480.00

University of Washington and Its Foundation $1,724,974,794.00

Johns Hopkins University $1,000,711,384.00

Harvard $546,227,070.00

University of Oxford $320,631,457.00

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) $310,276,288.00

Imperial College London $306,949,145.00

University of California San Francisco $283,887,119.00

University of Maryland $277,452,337.00

Stanford University $200,271,787.00

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill $157,599,278.00

Massachusetts General Hospital $153,059,375.00

Monash University $63,578,451.00

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute $55,704,383.00

University of Michigan $50,875,671.00

University of Minnesota $30,106,045.00

Vanderbilt University $21,772,416.00

McMasters $21,002,813.00

University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. $18,802,989.00

Brown University $13,625,211.00

Shanghai Jiao Tong University $9,622,919.00

2: The Open Gates Form

ICMJE Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICJME)

This is an across the board Medical Journal's Standard Disclosure for Conflicts of Interests when Authors are making submissions to Medical Journals

"Relevant financial activities outside the submitted work

......charitable foundations... need not be disclosed

3: A PDF file of the Share holding for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)

This in itself is an arduous document to sift through but it was with tables extracted and sorted to reveal the next file

4: An Excel File that sorts the share holdings of BMGF by value

And there is over USD 14.8 billion in share holding in Companies that have made a "killing" in earnings from Covid19 Vaccine related activities ; links to these conflicts provided in the Excel File

If some-one where to get a hold of the share held personally by Bill Gates and his Family that may reveal even more

Going back to Designed to Fail Trials of non Patented Covid19 Early Treatment Components of life saving protocols; this in my mind was the key and most wicked/devastating move (Facilitating the ongoing state of emergency/ Fear, resulting directly in untreated dead patients likely in the millions now and creating a clear pathway for massive sales revenue for what is left; Covid19 neither safe nor effective vaccines and other emerging superficially tested medications

Four easy to spot traits of the wicked studies

a) Look at the Authors and look for the Author Affiliations with BMGF

The Excel File will help

b) Look at the Method

There you will invariably see one or more obvious design flaws

i) Not done in the early stages (eg after Viral replication has taken place)

ii) Wrong and/or known dangerous dosages

iii) In the absence of known critical partner Drugs - in the case of HCQ and Ivermectin without Zinc

iv) Done on a population group (like a very young group without co-morbidities) where you can expect a good outcome regardless of what was tested hence "no statistical difference" result

c) look at the cherry picking of Data or early termination of Studies where conclusions do not match the data

Harder to pick manipulation includes erroneous statistical measurements and graphs etc; but a) and b) should identify the vast majority.

Kind Regards

The Nobody Who Knows EveryBody

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He doesn’t need me to stand up for him but Trump always publically stated strong support for therapeutics as first line treatment specifically hydroxychloroquine. The press and left constantly denigrated him for it.

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Vanderbilt put my Dad on vent and gave him remedevisir. He died April 2020.

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Apr 4, 2022Liked by Charles Wright

"We now believe that the suggested dosing regimens for CQ and HCQ as detailed in the Fact Sheets are unlikely to produce an antiviral effect." Very slick wordsmithing.

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