Whaaaat? What the heck.

Did Callahan stop in Hong Kong too on his way back? I can’t remember.

So. Things don’t add up. ...

Trump talked to Xi and asked him what works against covid. Xi told him HCQ. That’s where supposedly Trump got the idea from. The media mocked and shamed Trump.

China knew the proper treatment but wouldn’t give it to its citizens? Nothing makes sense.

It’s like China and the USA military conspired together. China wanted Hong Kong. Everyone wanted trump gone. And Dems got their mail in ballots.

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Is there a link to the Malone reply?

Its not clear what he was supervising ( Did China allow US scientists to experiment on treatments with their citizens as guinea pigs?) . If the virus was engineered by Baric they already had the sequence had no need to wait for China to upload the sequence. Domane was up and running on 12/11/19 after what looks like months of preparation. Intelligence knew there was an outbreak as early as October (perhaps they caused it) .Its also interesting Malone was a cofounder of Innovio that would work on a COVID DNA vaccine w/o much success, but could be considered a competitor of Moderna/Pfizer mRNA vaccines. October was when Gates made a sizable investment in BioNTech and Moderna signed a Material Transfer Agreement with Baric for the vaccines in December as Moderna CEO asked how to produce a billion doses in 2020.

I don't think a Grand Jury would have many doubts about this one

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