Wow! This is so similar to today. I have a relative who recently had GBS. She didn't have a vaccine of any kind or a flu shot. She was exposed to the flu and that is how her body reacted to it. However, the GBS diagnosis was never documented on her chart. lol Covid. She contracted it after about 3 months in the hospital and they tried to give her Remdesivir. She was already on a ventilator. I told them no because I was her power of attorney person since she couldn't talk. She stopped them when they were trying to administer it to her, and she told them to call me. I don't think she would be alive today had they done it. This was a great article, and has me wondering what else could have really been the cause of the illness she had besides what they thought that it was.

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Hmm... well, while you're in a questioning mode, do some research on the opposing side that holds DDT is not the devil it's made out to be but was made so by political means. If I recall correctly, Rumsfeld was involved. My in laws grew up running behind the ddt sprayers and never got polio. My mother, aunt and sister got polio but they never thought it was contagious - rather they were told it was from infected water.

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Cliff, thank you for this write up. I really enjoy your writing style.

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Excellent research! 100% Accurate in my opinion.

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Let's consider also the "Polio Incidence and DDT production" in the first article you linked:


1) Notice the rise in polio preceeds the rise in DDT?

2) Notice the dramatic fall in polio while the yellow line (DDT products stored in fat) is still significantly elevated?

These contra-indicate the putative causation.

Lets also consider the first major polio epidemic in the United States occurring in Vermont in the summer of 1894. I haven't seen evidence that lead-arsenic and DDT were in widespread use at the time.

If we can believe reports of polio symptoms in the absence of your proposed causative agents, the causality, or at least exclusive causality is cast in doubt. It seems quite possible that polio symptoms could be caused both by viral and environmental nerve toxins.

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Nice hypothesis but polio affected people unexposed to those chemicals.

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Charles...you're waking up, more! Love to see this - great write-up.

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Of course.

Can’t sue a “ virus”.

Rockefeller knew all too well what a money maker viruses and vaccines are.

Create an illness, create a shot. Money.

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It's a popular money making scam. SARS-CoV-2 vaxs lower immunity which increases viral load from STD spread monkeypox. You take the smallpox vax, it reactivates latent HIV, HIV cases follow it around. Next you have a HIV vax and so on, rinse and repeat.

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