"This, despite the facts that the two had worked on research on two other Pandemics, Ebola and Zika; despite the fact that Malone and Callahan had co-authored papers on Zika"

Just to make this more intriguing, one of the co-authors on the Zika paper you cited is James Talton, who is the founder of Alchem. Small world.

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I have been following *you over the last years: I wish I had most of my colleagues physicians had realized that there had been something trully wrong when it comes to that Pan-damnia: many times I asserted that Ivermectin worked #especially from the very beginning of signs-simptoms#. So now it is time to assist those who have the sequelae: I have been honing in on Natural Medice as well.

*You: Crowford, Mikovits-Montagnier, De Santis, Bachakarya, Sinetra Gupta, Malone, McCullogh, Kirsh, Kory, Alexander, C. Huber, Simone Gold and, you know, that Legion.

A. Béchamp, A. Moulden and K. B. Mullis (in memoria)

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Dr. Robert Malone is CIA

MRNA is a Bioweapon.


The aim of MRNA is to specifically target a genetic Group with this.

To distribute poison harmless to most but eradicate specific Genetic Groups.

Imagine Dr. Joseph Mengele squared by Infinity.

This is who Dr. Robert Malone really is.

A Wolf in Sheep clothing pretending to be on our side.


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I have not trusted Malone for some time. Too many interactions with shady gov't and military people for my comfort.

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Thanks for the extremely well researched and diligently articulated article with in-depth facts and data. It’s indeed shocking to know about Dr.Malone!

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