Who is Charles Wright?

I am completely Independent of American political parties.

I see the entire political system of the United States as corrupt. Some may call the topics of my research “conspiracy theory.”

It is true enough that I use theory. My training and approach to research is the same that I learned in data analysis in college, to begin with a theory, and prove or disprove the theory with data. Theories become “facts” or “history” in public opinion when there is consensus or proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It takes a great deal of isolated facts to prove the larger theories, but that’s what I do. It has proven to be very effective for me. I have no doubt that I have learned many things that have never been reported, and perhaps never been considered.

Some of the earliest research I did was after 9/11. I picked it back up in 2016 when I first heard of Jeffrey Epstein. It has since moved into the Plandemic.

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Investigative Journalism


Independent American. Independent Research on multiple topics.