So Trump signs the care plan, which incentivized hospitals to push the death drug.

Hospital admins threaten their docs to follow protocol or lose their job and license. Said Dr. admins protocol. And now will get murder charge and jail or death penalty. Did I sum this up correctly? Make no mistake that Dr, needs to lose his license. But how about we target the source of the problem and not the symptom? The DOD is behind this. The Fed is behind this. DARPA is behind this. Pharma is behind this. But sure it’s easier to go after the little guy.

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This goes on, across America in all states.

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My mother walked into a hospital after a fall. They killed her with Remdesivir and vents

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I'm so sad when I hear the stories of these losses. They murdered my son with Remdesivir and ventilator. He was 44 and father of two. Each day I come closer to having a conversation with law enforcement about bringing charges. Need to see how these cases fare.

Hope you find comfort Jjule.

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Murdered my brother in Oregon with Remdesivir.

He walked into the ER.

Had pneumonia.

They did not treat the pneumonia, but immediately vented and Remdesivir him.

Kidney failure, called it Covid. Dead 4 days later

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