I am from Maine and My wife was Given Midazolam. Remdesivir, Morphine, Fentanyl and Barcitinib. I begged for Ivermectin and was repeatedly told NO not FDA approved. My Wife Lisa is DEAD now because of these hellish protocols

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I am a long time Texas resident, since early 80's, and for the record...I entirely concur here.

Recently, there was an online Houston Chronicle (the only major newspaper in all of Houston, Tx for many years) concerning the fact that Dr. Bowden's lawsuit for defamation (i believe) was dismissed. Very unfortunately, the comments to this article were filled with folks praising the demonization of this good doctor. I really don't understand how they cheer on the take down of a person trying to and actually saving lives? Just a very sad comment on the state of society.

More specific to Gov Abbott.... I know of how Greg maintained his own personal injury lawsuit stemming from the incident wherein a tree fell on him thus causing his paraplegia. As of the 2016 governor's election, he was still receiving six figure yearly annuity payments from his personal injury settlement (good for him he deserves it). However, when he was a Tx Supreme Court justice, he was known as quite conservative, pro-big business and insurance companies, and seemed to do his best to set down court rulings against most all other personal injury claimants. Sometimes, his rulings consisted of what they call 'reversed and rendered' taking away an injured person's highly favorable jury trial award, such that not only do they lose their award/judgement, the case is over once and for all... injured claimant loses everything contrary to what the jury decided.

Geez, you'd think the guy would try to champion for those that suffered a similar plight as he?

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The High Death Rate they needed to propel this entire scheme to this very day was achieved by:

- Hospital Covid Protocol:


-They were put on HIGH PRESSURE VENTILATORS with MIDAZOLAM and MORPHINE for Sedation on the Vent.



Not indicated to treat Respiratory virus,

Midazolam has black box warnings of coma snd death snd both are end-stage hospice drugs

-After being denied early treatments with antibiotics, people who developed Pneumonia were put on High Pressure ventilators, INSTEAD OF PASSIVE OXYGEN, the High Pressure Vents require very highly trained doctors and nurses to closely monitor , but they were LEFT ALONE IN ROOMS and untrained TRAVELING NURSES were put on ICU wards, while patients heavily drugged with MIDAZOLAM and Morphine, the HIGH PRESSURE VENTS EXPLODING THEIR LUNGS, many without feeding or hydration and were left to Die.

-Hospitals received over $30,000 extra for every Ventilated Covid Patient

-Remdesivir was also added to the “Hospital Protocol” and cause Kidney and Liver failure, which worsened patients

-The Question is who instituted the Coordinated New Hospital Covid Protocols that WITHHELD ANTIBIOTICS for “Covid Pneumonia” and instead forced Remdesivir, and DEADLY HIGH PRESSURE VENTILATORS with MIDAZOLAM and MORPHINE?!

I can provide more info on this at malka613 @gmail.com

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Well, let's start in the Democrat states first, maybe with Andrew Cuomo.

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They did the same here in the UK with the first 14 days after vaccination, so if you died in that time, you were unvaccinated.

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I agree we have to hold the physicians and medical team accountable who went along with the NIH protocol and refused patients requests for alternative treatments like ivermectin. Even requests for Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc supplements were denied. How ridiculous was that? The one thing that probably none of them realize is that in fine print on the protocol under the instructions for dosages of Remdesivir, it clearly states "This protocol is only a recommendation. Physicians should use their experience and training and the patient 's condition when prescribing a course of treatment." That may not be the exact wording, but it is the implied statement. In others words, it was a suggestion, and if something goes wrong , it's all on you. So the NIH and Fauci will throw all those Doctors, Hospital Administrators and anyone who followed the protocol under the bus. There's not going to be any getting out of it. And I don't think you can give immunity against murder. The attorney general's in these states should be investigating this. Indict one of them, and the dam will open. I think that's what they are afraid of.

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We must demand a great deal of accountability. Forced when necessary. Starting with Fauci, Birx, Redfield, Wallensky, Bercera, Callahan, Baric, Dazak, Hotez, Pottinger, Pan, Milley, and Austin. Then there is definitely a Governor A-list for deserved prosecution.

Shit too much resveratrol to list them all.

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