I agree with much of what you said. I saw the 2nd plane hit live so I know for sure 1 plane hit. Less sure about the 1st since the video is not convincing, and the Pentagon looks more like a missile. Definitely explosives were used at WTC

As for Lab Leak. For those who are paying attention this is a Limited Hangout. You are given 2 options to consider. Natural Origin vs Accidental Lab Release in Wuhan. You are not permitted to consider Intentional Release or the US scientists role.

The US role you are permitted to consider is Fauci Funding for GOF in Wuhan. While Redfield did pay lip service and tell us that funding also came from DoD, DTRA, DARPA, USAID (Coa cut out), you are meant to be Fauci focused (your Goldstein).

You are not encouraged to consider the GOF work by UNC’s Ralph Baric and animal/bat testing at Faucis BSL-4 Rocky Mountain Labs, or the fact Sars-Cov-2 was engineered as a Vaccine in US that was being tested in Wuhan since only they had the bats which were to be vaccinated.

At that point in development somebody may have got an idea to vaccinate humans with a live virus vaccine so we could create a Pandemic to justify rolling out mRNA vaccines at Warp Speed and facilitate multiple agendas

In the meantime Lab Leak in Wuhan gets people on board to support a coming conflict with China. This will reduce the living standards of the average American to the 1930’s

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Mar 11·edited Mar 11

Excellent points.

The intelligence often has corrupt/garbage files and they mean nothing! Look at all the corrupt files they had on Trump!

So yeah... unless legit CIA files are released we can’t believe anything.

If they Dems agreed 100% they are up to something. So odds are they will release corrupt files again to blame everything on Trump and do a soft hit on China.

As soon as the media comes out hard on Trump .... he will get indicted on bogus stormy Daniels stuff and then Mr TPP DeSantis will announce. Lol.

As for the planes not hitting the towers? Uhhmmm. Idk. I never heard that before. Without more info it takes away from good information in the article.

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