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Chemist with ties to graphene research takes issue with any suggestion of graphene in blood clots

Notes from Twitter Space on Blood Clots

Twitter Space tomorrow with DrSDRK on Hospital Protocols and Vaccine-induced Blood Clots

Petition requests Attorney General Ashley Moody to investigate Hospital Murders in Florida

Remember this about "Nipah virus:" Nothing Spreads like Fear.

On the Theory of Virology, Deductive Reasoning, and "What Really Happened in Wuhan."

Answering the hypothetical - "Reality or Simulation"

The Barbara Olson/Lady Booth mystery of 9/11

Hear Anthony Fauci explain the COVID Hospital Death Protocol system in April 2020

Michael Dowling, Northwell Health, COVID Pneumonia versus Pneumonia, the New York Death Event of Spring 2020

Atheric Pharmaceutical planned 2016 Zika trials in Brazil - using what???

On the Two Competing Plandemic Narratives: Hospital Protocols versus Lab Leak (gain-of-function), and Dr. Robert Malone.

Announcing a Give Send Go Fundraiser for Rebecca Charles

I have Appealed the FOIA Denial of NIAID/Remdesivir Clinical Trials Data.

Request for Paralegal Services

Recent studies on Pneumonia have proven Dr. Mary Bowden right on Ivermectin, and proven Houston Methodist CEO Marc Boom wrong.

Dr. Malone's resume includes working with "engineered pathogens."

Report that the American Bar Association is discouraging attorneys from taking "COVID" wrongful death lawsuits

Were Alchem and SynQuest Laboratories producing Chemical Weapons in Florida?

Twitter Space announcement: Saturday 6PM with Rebecca Charles of

Restack of Sasha Latypova on "Balance," or lack thereof, in Biological Warfare, or as some falsely call it, modern "Medicine"

Why I believe the fire will light for Remdesivir victims

Restack of "Remdesivir, Rick Bright - the Government Bureaucrat Who Brought Us 'Run Death is Near'" by Vilma's Substack

The insanity continues, FDA approves Remdesivir for patients with severe kidney disease

Brevard County Republicans call on Governor Ron DeSantis to ban the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, calling them Bioweapons.

The study that disproved the "natural spillover" theory of SARS2

Why would Robert Malone insult Alex Jones?

Status Update on FOIA request of NIAID Remdesivir trials.

The fucking vaccine creates the fucking virus, study concludes.

Victoria Yan, Victoria Cyanide

Dr. Zelenko asks, "hey Steve, where's the Zinc?"

On Steve Kirsch, Bill Gates, Jeff Rothschild, Gilead Sciences, Remdesivir, and "Victoria Cyanide."

You Reap what you Sow: Vaccines and Viruses

Review of "All Eyes on Gilead" article in Bloomberg

Lady Justice is not blind and she carries a sword.

The US Government moves to block disclosure of materials in US v Trump, referencing "ongoing investigations."

Press Release of Borui Biomedica, China, February 12, 2020 on mass production of Remdesivir in China

Trump Indictment - Chronological Order

Polk County Sherrif's Department makes major arrest of Disney employee that could bust a child trafficking network

Trump Indictment: Trump told his attorney he knows who deleted Hillary Clinton's 30,000 emails

I request input from subscribers on an NIH Appeal of a FOIA request on Remdesivir

Robert Kadlec emerges from the Dark Shadows at ASPR to talk about "Muddy Waters"

Were Robert Malone's DOMANE results communicated to China?

What are Elon Musk's magic magnetic particles in Gates mRNA vaccines?

Republish of Robert Kennedy's 2005 article "Deadly Immunity" on MMR Vaccines and Autism

RFK Jr. accuses Anthony Fauci of Homicide for his role in the Remdesivir and Ventilator hospital protocols.

Run Kirsch is Near, another CETF-funded study that used Remdesivir.

History of Cinchona Bark; Quinine; Chloroquine; Hydroxychloroquine from 1600 to it's blockade by clinical trials fraud in the COVID Holocaust

The Duality of Steve Kirsch - Remdesivir and Vaccine Adverse Events.

B.C.C.I., Osama bin Laden, George Bush, Adnan Khashoggi

2009 Hepatitis trials of Remdesivir

April 29, 2020: A date which will live in Infamy.

Dr. Meryl Nass misrepresents a public transcript of Robert Malone to defend him

On Frank Carter, US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Remdesivir casualty, and what to do about it.

Background on Walt Disney and the Bohemian Grove

Must we Boycott Pork too?

Remdesivir was used in New York and China to create deaths and simulate the spread of a deadly virus.

Did Michael Callahan "supervise treatments" of COVID-19 patients in Wuhan?

Why many medical professionals are still blind to the medical holocaust despite mountains of evidence

Declassify DOMANE

The most forbidden media narrative of all: Basic facts on the Assange, Wuhan, and Pompeo timeline

Elon Musk praises Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla for developing mRNA for Cancer

Medical CEO presents evidence that an MD in Beaumont, Texas committed Capital Murder with Remdesivir.

AP News Famotidine

US Congress votes to Declassify Information related to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and COVID

On this day March 5, 1961, "The Truth About the Polio Vaccines" was published in the Chicago Tribune

Thoughts about Wuhan Institute of Virology "Lab Leak" on a Saturday

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Must Resign over COVID Protocol Murders in Texas

Witness the Truth: Dr. Mary Bowden will fight the Texas Medical Board

Epifriedelanol, a "phytoestrogen" with anti-cancer applications

Did China steal Andrew Huff's attack list of US food facilities?

Former EcoHealth Vice President Andrew Huff says his "attack list" of US food facilities went missing from his personal computer and is being implemented

Weather Balloons and UFOs remind me of Roswell

Much of what we call Cancer appears to be a Symbiotic Relationship between Bacteria and diseased cells which can be cured with Ivermectin, Lactoferrin, Fenbendazole and so on.

Pfizer responds to Project Veritas report of intentional "Directed Evolution" at Pfizer.

Rochelle Richardson (of "Diamond and Silk") calls for an Investigation into Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

Trump's connections to Woody Johnson (billionaire heir to JNJ)

Did Merck Interfere with publication of Dr. Pierre Kory's Manuscript on the Safe and Effective Use of Ivermectin for COVID?

Depopulation Agenda discussed by Doctors at a Twitter Spaces event on Censorship

Twitter Remains Partnered with the World Health Organization under CEO Elon Musk

The Disease Industry misuses the word "Anecdotal."

Project: Cure Cancer

Would Robert Malone like to clarify his position on MMR Vaccines and Autism?